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Management Services

Each option below is designed to fit the various needs of today’s changing rental market. “À la carte” is the cornerstone of our business and sales model where you the property owner are allowed to select the level of service that best meets your needs rather than being required to purchase a full service contract at the full service rate. We understand that landlords differ widely in their level of working knowledge of property management, time to attend to managing, willingness to deal with tenants, and timidness towards handling conflict. That’s why we offer five options to choose from.

Full Leasing and Management

Our most popular option, this serves the needs of an owner that prefers a professional management company to handle both leasing and management of the home. If you have never managed a home, have no time to do it, want to take advantage of our services, or are unfamiliar with Kentucky Landlord Tenant Laws, this is the service for you.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Advertising & Tenant Screening

Our most economical choice, this program allows our owners to tap into our advertising resources to get more traffic through the door. If you are paying too much in advertising and not getting the results you need, this program will help you. We will post the ads using our most effective rental hosting websites, take the calls live, forward the prospect directly to you to handle the showing and negotiating. We can even get an application completed and pull a credit report for you. We offer this program to the entire state of Kentucky.

Tenant Placement

We lease, you manage. We handle the marketing, showings, tenant screening and move in. Then we turn over the duties of managing the home to you. If you have limited resources to advertise, no time to find a good tenant, and need a tested and proven lease, this option is for you.

Take Over Management of a Property with an Existing Tenant

We frequently get calls from owners with existing tenants saying they are tired of managing, or the tenant has given them so much grief they want out of the landlord business. We also get calls from owners that have gotten notices from their current managers announcing that they have decided to get out of the business and close their doors. We offer several services for those owners.

Lease Purchase

If you are tired of the slow-moving sales market and are not interested in giving up your equity but still wish to sell your home, Lease Purchase may be the best option for you. In this program we handle all of the leasing and management duties until the sale closes. Getting to the closing table by putting your tenant in a position to buy the home is our specialty.

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